Want a Rally Wedding?

Here are the basics you need to know to get legally married while enjoying the Sturgis Rally.

Some Advice from Mary Maisey-Ireland, Wedding Officiant  605-484-8464

Before Your Departure

* Propose
* Make your rally travel and lodging arrangements (things book up fast!)
* Purchase your rings
* Contact me to confirm the availability of your date, and send deposit
* If you want wedding photos, book now
* Invite the people you most want to attend the ceremony. You will need a minimum of two adult witnesses
* Work with me to create your one-of-a-kind ceremony
* Choose music and pack original CDs or iPod (I can bring a player)
* Draft your vows (if you’re writing your own)
* Select flowers (if desired)
* Find and pack your special attire
* Pack items that will make your day memorable and special
* Pack your rings
* Travel safely to the Black Hills!

Upon Arrival
* Purchase license (wedding must occur within 20 days of issue)
* Visit ceremony location
* Contact me for final planning

On the Big Day
Bring the following:
* License, rings, witnesses, “little touches,” remainder of my fee, special attire, camera, music, flowers, “Just Married” decorations for
your bike, etc.
* Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early so we can meet, go over any questions, find the perfect spot for photos and the ceremony, get comfortable, etc.

After the Wedding

* You may return the signed and completed marriage license to the courthouse yourselves (which will speed the process of getting your notarized marriage certificate). Or I will mail it within one or two business days,
and you may request it later. The license MUST be returned within 10 days or the marriage isn’t valid.
* Ride the Hills in your special attire, telling everyone that you are newlyweds. You will be celebrated everywhere you go!
* Relax and enjoy the “honeymoon” part of your trip!
* Travel safely home
* Share photos with me. I may use them on this website!
* Post a review on Google+ about your experience

: 605-484-8464 : SturgisRallyWeddings.com