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Originally posted by Buck Lovell on Monday, 04 June 2012 in Buck Lovell's - American Biker Blog


Motorsport Aftermarket Group Adds Motorcycle Industry Leader To Team

IRVINE, Calif. June 4, 2012: Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Inc. ("MAG"), a family of leading brands and businesses in the powersports industry, announced today that leading powersports industry expert Holger Mohr joins the company as Vice President of Business Development for the MAG Brand Group. In his new role, Mohr is responsible for the growth of international markets and will oversee MAG's internal design center, Mustang and MAG Europe, among other departments. He reports directly to MAG's Chief Executive Officer, Brian Etter.

"With a proven track record of success both in Europe and here in the U.S., Holger is the perfect candidate to help expand our family of brands," says Etter. "Holger is known for his passion for motorcycling, industry experience and professionalism…the same leadership qualities that MAG was founded upon." In fact, Mohr was named V-Twin Industry Leader of the year by Easyriders in 2010, as well being recognized by trade publication PowerSports Business that same year.

Mohr originally led the team that created Custom Chrome Europe, which became the leading distributor of V-Twin aftermarket products in Europe within short order. He attributes CCE's success to building a great team of employees, a solid product portfolio, an improved catalog, high customer fill rates, and increased customer satisfaction. Most recently Mohr served as CEO of Custom Chrome Inc. in the United States.

"Holger is first and foremost a motorcycle enthusiast, so he understands the market," adds Etter. "More than just expanding the business, we want to continue to create a culture where our brands retain their unique identities and connection to their respective customer bases," explains Etter of the brand autonomy within the MAG family. "We want to be able to remain true to each brand's core values while still benefiting from greater efficiencies and expertise offered by MAG."

Mohr says joining the MAG family of brands is the opportunity of a lifetime. "This is an exciting opportunity to support the MAG brands in the United States, as well as MAG Europe, Ltd. and to expand overseas. With the help of some of the best mentors in the motorcycle industry, I plan to develop integrated positioning strategies unique to the MAG brands in order to ensure maximum exposure for the group and our customers," states Mohr.

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