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Harley-Davidson LiveWire to Become the First Publicly Traded EV Motorcycle Company in the U.S.


LiveWire plans to redefine motorcycling as the industry-leading, all-electric motorcycle company, with a focus on the urban market and beyond. As a strong and desirable brand with growing global recognition, LiveWire plans to develop the technology of the future and to invest in the capabilities needed to lead the transformation of motorcycling. LiveWire will draw on its DNA as an agile disruptor from the lineage of Harley-Davidson, capitalizing on a decade of learnings in the EV sector and the iconic heritage of the most desirable motorcycle brand in the world.  

Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson:

"Today's announcement is a historic milestone with LiveWire set to become the first publicly traded EV motorcycle company in the U.S. By building on Harley-Davidson's 118-year lineage, LiveWire's mission is to be the most desirable electric motorcycle brand in the world, leading the electrification of the sport. This transaction will give LiveWire the freedom to fund new product development and accelerate its go-to-market model. LiveWire will be able to operate as an agile and innovative public company while benefitting from the at-scale manufacturing and distribution capabilities of its strategic partners, Harley-Davidson and KYMCO." 

John Garcia, Chairman and Co-CEO of AEA-Bridges Impact Corp:

"We are at the confluence of vehicle electrification and sustainability. LiveWire is well-positioned to become the premier sustainable electric motorcycle brand and redefine the industry by leveraging the manufacturing and distribution expertise of Harley-Davidson and KYMCO. We're excited to partner with Harley-Davidson and the LiveWire team to help define the future of electric motorcycles as the industry continues its rapid transformation." 

Together, Harley-Davidson, ABIC and KYMCO, believe in the future of LiveWire as a dedicated electric brand with the ability to lead, grow and revolutionize the electric motorcycle industry and beyond.  

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Additional information can be found at Harley Davidson Investor.

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