Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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If you think Sturgis South Dakota is only about the worlds biggest, and arguably baddest biker rally, have another think. Around Thanksgiving, when almost all the visiting motorcyclists have departed, the residents of Sturgis and the surrounding Black Hills area celebrate Thanksgiving Eve with a gala celebration of turkey gravy drinking at the world famous Loud American Roadhouse. This uniquely American event is Sponsored by KDDX - XRock 101.1 FM Spearfish, SD.

​Eventual winner Shawn Linder at gravy shot round 21....looking hungry!​

President Obama was correct when he said Americans are exceptional, the photographs seen here prove it. Last years 71 shot record of turkey gravy drinking was broken this year by Shawn Linder, who imbibed no less than one hundred & one, one ounce shot glasses full of genuine room temperature canned turkey gravy. The thought of which turns the stomach, not to mention the smell. Grandma did not cook up this batch of fluid. I, Buck Lovell witnessed this astounding event, and did so without the benefit of alcoholic beverage. 

​Shawn Linder licking his fingers at round 40...good gravy huh?​

Yes, it was tough watching, but not as tough as swilling down 101 ounces of lukewarm turkey gravy with small chunks of giblets swirling around in the viscous liquid. Viscous indeed! The turkey gravy had the consistency of 40 weight motor oil, with taste to match.

​Third place finisher is offered a bucket by Shane who finished second! Third place immediately walked off stage directly to the restroom to rest! at his round 99.​

But, what a freaking laugh fest it was. At round 100, the second place finisher Shane reversed his consumption of gravy to projectile vomiting, luckily aimed into the conveniently handy gravy recycling bucket, the contents of which will be delivered to the local turkey gravy recycling center (far out of town).

​Second place Shane gives up the gravy at 100 shots, whoa big daddy, what a volimunous and aromatic turkey gravy barf! Grandma would be proud.​
​First place winner Shawn Linder immediately headed to Grandmas house for a huge Thanksgiving meal of steak and potatoes, no gravy whatsoever! By golly he still looks hungry.......why I oughta!!​

Now that you have the whole story of Sturgis, South Dakota on Thanksgiving Eve, it is hoped you will take time from your regular annual routine to visit the Load American Roadhouse to enjoy the contest. Maybe even participate. Who knows, YOU might end up next years winner, Something you can brag about to your grandchildren. That is if the gravy doesn't kill ya. See ya next year. Tell'em Buck Lovell sent ya

C.O.W. 54 (Cigar of the Week 54)

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