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The S&S Cycle K-Bobb reproduction Knucklehead

By Buck Lovell      Photos by Lovell Photography 

First introduced in the year 2009, S&S Cycles K-Bobb is almost, I say almost, the spitting image of the original Harley-Davidson production FL motorcycle, with some major modern technology applied. If you have ever owned a Harleyu-Davidson Knucklehead motorcycle, and I have, you know that top end oil leaks were a constant nagging problem. And that was just one of the maintenance headaches. Just when you thought you had all the leaks fixed, the rocker covers would begin weeping oil, especially after a long hard ride to the foothills and back.

The S&S Cycle K-Bobb is intended to emulate a 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, which it does at first glance. A second look is required to both enjoy the motorcycle, and realize the fact that this isn't exactly the motorcycle it first appears to be. What makes K-Bobb so different from the original? First and foremost is the V-Twin motor. It's a Flathead Power vee twin (KN93) displacing a whopping 93 cubic inches. Because this motorcycle is kick start only, the installed modern ignition system has been configured and timed to reduce kick-back during start-up. On the intake manifold is mounted an S&S Super E carburetor, which also helps to make this motorcycle easy to kick start.

The original equipment Knucklehead had brass bodied Linkert carburetor which was a cantankerous, recalcitrant beast at best. It's also the only carburetor I know how to adjust in the dark. K-Bobb is by definition a genuine show machine, and is legal to ride only to shows and back, but not legal for regular road use due its non conformity with current federal emissions standards.

 Those same regulations dictate that only 24 motorcycles can be produce per annum, making the K-Bobb even more scarce than the original Knucklehead. And more expensive too…the K-Bobb has a selling price of $24,000.00, a bit over this writer's motorcycle budget. The K-Bobb is no longer in production as of this writing. If you've just gotta have one of these gems contact the folks at S&S Cycle, they may have the information about a K-Bobb for sale somewhere waiting for a rider just like you! If not you can order the Knucklehead motor from S&S and build your own.


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