Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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By Buck Lovell    photos by Buck Lovell

When Kevin Jager was offered a smoking deal on a 2004 harley-Davidson FLHT, he jumped on it. He literally got the bike for a song. Well sorta, he paid cash. Kevin is a PHD Harley-Davidson mechanic at Black Hills Harley-Davidson in Rapid CitySouth Dakota. The one thing this 2004 Harley-Davidson motorcycle didn't have that Kevin wanted was a sound system. Harley-Davidson FLHT model didn't come with a radio or other sound equipment back in 2004. Kevin went shopping on the Biketronics website and came up with a Biketronics kit that had all the equipment he wanted. Becaue the bike has absolutely no sound equipment Kevin needed a radio/receicver, speakers, amplifier, and a adapter/wiring harness. Kevin selected the Biketronics BT1005 Kit which included a Sony Bluetooth radio (MEX-BT400P) with SonyBluetooth Pandora capability, and CD Player (MEX-BT 4100P). The install the kit a Genera Sony Harness was required, to allow the use of a dual 7" Titan speaker kit (BT7P1), and 2 channel amplifier kit (BT2180). Both a BT66 (splash cover), and BT68 (fancy spalch cover with chrome trim) were also acquired.

The Biketronic equipment is/was very easy to install especially if one follows the very specific and comprehensive installation instructions included with every kit. In this particular case, a new inner fairing was installed so that the new sound system would'nt be sitting in an old tired inner fairing. The old tired inner fairing was removed and a new unit installed.

The Sony Bluetooth radio was found to be a very versatile unit in that in can be controlled with the supplied remote, or using the riders smart phone. Also, if the riders phone is Pandora capable, the Pandora music can be played through the Sony unit. If you're a real world audiophile this was probably already know to you. The installation process you'll see here is for entertainment and informative purposes. If you're install this kit, the best results will be obtained by following the instructions included with the kit. That being said the kit was very easy to install, and functioned perfectly and the conclusion of the instruction process. If you're looking a radio kit, speakers or any other audio component for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, make a point of visiting the Biketronics website. Biketronics has been my favorite place to shop for audio equipment for the last several years. The crew will go out of their way to please their customers. At least that's been my experience. See ya on the road, enjoy the following installation story.


Biketronics Inc
321 East Palousa River Road
Moscow, ID83843

800 735-2419 fax 877 462 0220
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The outer fairing must be dismounted for access to the wiring harness and other equipment inside the fairing assembly.
Even the pugh this 2004 FLHT Has no original equipment radio or sound system the main wiring harness plug is present for radio installation.
The existing factory speaker grills are being removed to be replaced by Titan Speakers and Biketronic speaker grills included in the kits.
These are the water/rain resistant speaker covers to be installed replacing the exisitng stock items.
The Biketronic Audio speak mounts are explicitly marked for correct placement during installation!
Install the speaker mount components into the inner fafirng using thr exisitng holes. Make sure the metal bracker is positioned correctly as seen here!
The left hand speaker mount and weather resistant grill are in place waiting for the speaker to be installed.
Install the Biketronic kit Titan speakers into the left side and right side mounts using the hardware included in the Biketronics kit.
Make sure the the metal brace/bracket is in position as shown!
Both speaker grills, speaker mounts, and speaker have been installed. Recheck to make sure all the hardware is tight!
The Biketronics/Sony radio/CD player with remote and bluetooth function to be installed next is shown here. An adpater is pictured which allows the equipment to interface with the factory wiring harness and the Sony wiring.
Carefully fit the radio-dash cosmetic flange into place on the Bikeronics-Sony receiver/CD player.
Place the watershield plastic in position so that equal amounts can folder over the edges.
After firmly pressing the watershield into place (it has an adhesive layer) cut an "X" into each location where mounting screws need to be installed.

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