Sturgis Rally
Sturgis Rally
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The difference between rare and obscure is that rare things are sought after, while obscure things are ignored. The Arturo Fuente Anejo line of cigars is rare in the best sense of the word. Indeed, the line's exquisite hand-rolled sticks are among the rarest, most cherished offerings in the cigar world. Cigar lovers prize them for many reasons, including their rich Maduro wrappers that are aged longer than is typical to allow their flavors to ripen, mellow, and fully bloom. Aged in cognac barrels to complete the extraordinary process and give them a flavor that is as rich and unique, these 5-year Connecticut Maduros are as mouth-watering good as any world class Maduro wrapper.
Superior quality and flavor goes all the way to the core with Arturo Fuente Anejos. The filler and binder tobaccos are a proprietary blend of the Dominican Republic's most highly rated leaves. The result is a full-bodied smoke, robust in flavor that lingers on the palate for a very long finish that is to be savored throughout the entire length of the cigar. When you discover that Anejos often enjoy higher ratings than even the legendary Fuente Opus X, you'll understand their appeal to cigar connoisseurs the world over.

But this is the kind of product one would expect from one of the premier cigar producing families, with a tradition as long and storied as this one. With roots and cigar-making philosophy that extends back to Cuba, Don Carlos and his son put the Dominican on the cigar world's map, and they continue to turn out products that annually take their place among the best of the best.

Anejos are usually offered at Christmas and Father's Day, but you can find them throughout the year if you know where to look. Sizes vary, but none is more renowned than the 5.8 X 54 Reserva #77 Pyramid, fondly called 'the shark' by its enthusiasts, due to the distinctive design which progresses from a rounded parejo to a square press. If you have heard the stories and want to experience the Arturo Fuente line for yourself, or are already a fan and want to put a few in your humidor for special occasions or to share with special friends, pick up a few. View the cost as an investment in pleasure, the price of experiencing the good life.

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